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    FOR VEGAS PRO EDITORS (Transparency):

    To make your animation have a transparent background (if you edit with VEGAS PRO), drag and drop the animation in your timeline.

    Right click it  > Properties > Media > Alpha Channel: Premultiplied

    Should I use the .MOV file or the .MP4 file?

    If you edit on VEGAS PRO, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, or any other popular editing software, definitely use the .MOV file.

    If not, then use the .MP4 file and Chroma Key the Green Screen background out of the animation.

    How do I preview the .MOV file?

    If you're on Windows, download this Codec to use and preview the .mov files.

    After you've done this, it should be as simple as dragging and dropping the animation into your editing software.

    If you're on Mac, you can preview the .MOV files in your editing software.

    Can I use these if I edit on Mobile?

    Yeah definitely! We include the Green Screen version of each animation in your order. As long as your mobile editor supports Chroma Keying, you can just key out the Green Background and be good to go.